New La Daille Gondola: Progress Report (July 2018)

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Regular visitors to our blog will know all about the new gondola being built in La Daille in Val d’Isère.

Work is now well underway and started with the removal of the old pylons. Dating back to 1962, the old pylons had a large footprint, taking up a lot of space on the slopes.

pylon removal la daille
The old pylons being removed

Lower environmental impact

The new design will mean that the total number of pylons will be reduced from 16 to 12, reducing the environmental impact.

The foundations that will form the base for the new pylons have been put in place. This picture shows the reinforcing rods (on the left) into which the tower anchors will be sunk. These foundations have been dug out and are actually below ground level – something you can’t see clearly from this image.

Pylon foundations

Pylons to be assembled by helicopter

The pylon towers have been transported to Val d’Isère in multiple sections on articulated lorries.

Their dimensions have been precisely calculated, based on their location in the line. The exact dimensions of each pylon depend on the load it has to bear and the distance between each pylon. The third tower will be the largest and is 1.5m in diameter.

The pylons will be assembled by helicopter during August with an engineer on a (very high) ladder guiding the assembly process.

The towers being delivered

Top Station Development

Take a look at progress on the top station with the video shot with a drone earlier this month (July 2018):

Au revoir!

The old cabins were built in 1994 and will now be sold on. We can’t sell you one of these, but if you’d like to book a chalet holiday to Val d’Isère this winter, then please get in contact.


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