Vintage Val d’Isère: Chalet Chamois d’Or in the 1950s & 1960s

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Many of our Ski Val guests will know our Chalet Chamois d’Or in Val d’Isère, so we thought you’d be interested to see some photos of this wonderful resort back in the 1950s, when the chalet was first built.

The Chamois d’Or was built by a young Frenchman who had suffered from tuberculosis and had been sent to mountains to recover. While he was there he was given a plot of land and built the chalet.

Around ten years ago his family got in touch with us and we helped them arrange his 90th birthday there with all his family.

The pictures show the original building of the chalet:

As Val d’Isère grew as a resort, Chalet Chamois d’Or was there in the background – quite literally in the photo below, which shows a ski school warm-up with the Chamois seen behind:


For more information about a chalet holiday in Val d’Isère, please contact the Ski Val team.


Val d’Isere way, way back in the day!  Chalet Chamois d’Or can be seen in the bottom right of the photo



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