We want to know that you enjoyed your holiday and our staff like to be appreciated so please do let us know! Equally, if you've got some thoughts and ideas for improvements or to make things better, then let  us know that too! Questionnaires are handed out in resort at the end of your holiday so please complete these for us.

Flo was a great host and fun to be aroundMC
Eaglet Sun 25th Mar 2018
  I love it! I love it! I love it!  LB
Fauner B Sun 12th Feb 2017
 Wow. What fabulous hosts their food was exceptionalWC
Arabella Sat 13th Jan 2018
  Thankyou Flo and Tim for a wonderful week – we were all looked after very well. Flo was a brilliant host, delicious cooking! And Tim was hugely helpful and professional. All Ski Val team were very friendly.  
Eaglet Sun 11th Mar 2018
Beth Is absolutely top notch! Every moment she was incredibly helpful every morning, afternoon and evening.LA
Marmotte Sat 20th Jan 2018
Very happy with all the services on this holiday. Beth & Lottie were always helpful and good to have around. Made so much effort for dietary. On the whole I’m very impressed with the whole experience with Ski val. thank you so much for all the care and attention to detail.EW
Marmotte Sat 10th Mar 2018