Pricing and availability information is available to agents to download via a flat file. The flat file contains the following information about each chalet available to book through Ski-Val:

  • Departure date
  • Duration (in days)
  • Ski-Val chalet ID
  • Resort
  • People (chalet capacity)
  • Extra people
  • Beds available
  • Brochure price
  • Current price (this may be lower than the brochure price if there is an active offer)

Collect flat file via HTTP

The flat file is available for download at

Receive flat file via FTP upload

Agents may request that they be added to the Ski-Val flat file delivery system. Once in the system, the file with be automatically uploaded to a specified FTP server throughout the day every two hours between 9am and 7pm.

Requests should be sent to with the following information:

  • FTP server URL or IP address
  • Username (must have write access to the home directory)
  • Password