Cuisine - Vital ingredients for a good holiday


Good quality ingredients and imaginative menus are the basis for our chalet cuisine. Whilst it is impossible to 'please all of the people all of the time' we do our best to present varied and appetizing menus that the majority of guests will enjoy. Having had particularly good feedback with some wonderful and generous comments about our menus, we are hopefully doing it right!   In recognition of the fact that a three course meal every night is not always wanted, we have introduced a 'Simple Supper' evening. For one night each week we will serve  a two course simpler meal of  traditional homestyle favourites such as a tasty chicken curry, hearty sausage casserole,  lasagne or similar.         

Chalet holidays are always about good skiing, good company and good food. The resorts we go to provide the good skiing,our staff provide the good food and so it is just down to you to provide the good company!

Our Chalet staff have a well earned day off during your stay, usually Wednesday for Val d'Isere, Thursday for St Anton. On this day, breakfast and afternoon tea will be laid out for you to help yourself and you are free to sample one of the local restaurants in the evening - our staff will be pleased to help with recommendations and bookings.


Start your day with a hearty breakfast to fuel your day on the slopes, choose from a selection of cereals (not forgetting a bowl of skiers' porridge!), fresh fruit and yoghurts, freshly baked local bread and choice of preserves accompanied by fruit juices, tea and coffee. In addition, apart from chalet staff day off and change over day, and assuming you have the room, enjoy a varied cooked breakfast such as eggs, bacon and beans or pancakes.

Afternoon tea

On your return from the slopes, pop the kettle on and help yourself to a teatime treat with a slice (or two) of delicious home-made cake or biscuits.


Just imagine a casual dinner party with friends, now imagine that minus the stress of shopping, cooking, clearing up, ordering taxis, organising babysitters....well now you can! 

Sit back, relax and enjoy your evening over a freshly cooked three course dinner accompanied by unlimited house wine until coffee is served at the end of your meal. 

Aperitif and canapes are served to welcome you on either your first or second night (depending on resort arrival times) and also on your final night to round off your holiday.

One night during the week, we keep things simpler with our 'Simple Supper night' and serve a tasty two course meal of traditional favourites such as a chicken curry or maybe either a tasty lasagne or hearty shepherds pie or perhaps a fish pie.

Chalet Chamois d'Or - Guests enjoy a hearty breakfast and home-made teatime treats as guests do in our smaller chalets. Although canapes and apertifs are not included, the set menu dinner here is a relaxed and friendly affair. With tables to suit different group sizes, house wine to hand, you will soon get to know your fellow guests whilst enjoying a  wonderful three course dinner (or two courses for Simple Supper night) created by our fantastic head chef.

Please click here for a sample menu.

Please click here to see a selection of our mouthwatering dishes.

Special diets/dietary requests/food allergies

Our chalet staff always aim to please and create menus everybody likes but they are working to a set menu. We provide a vegetarian alternative for guests that don’t eat meat or that evening choice of meat or fish and within reason and plenty of notice our staff will do their best to adapt the chalet menus for those with any dietary requests. However, please do bear in mind that chalets are mostly private houses and do not have vast kitchens or teams of chefs to cope with cooking separate meals for everyone each evening and a lot of alternative ingredients are simply not readily available. Therefore, you must be happy to compromise with our menu, perhaps simply avoiding certain foods or happy to have the same treats/puds more than once and accept that we cannot offer a completely alternative menu alongside our usual chalet menu. Particularly, if there are more than a  couple of different requests within a group, you  may need to consider agreeing a menu acceptable to all or the individuals choose to avoid what they can’t eat.  If you do want replacements and alternative menu, we will have to make an additional charge for costly alternative ingredients and more importantly for the cook to cover them coming in earlier to prepare different dishes. 

Please ensure that we know about any dietary requests at least two weeks before you travel - if you wait until a couple of days before arrival or even wait until you are in resort, it may take days to source particular products, if at all and we may have to make a charge. Our chalet staff will be more than happy to chat through our menu with you during the week before your arrival and advise you about foodstuffs to bring with. 

We cannot provide vegan or kosher meals and cannot guarantee a nut free environment or avoidance of or zero contact with specific foodstuffs and therefore cannot accept liability in the event of an allergic reaction. We have no control over items of food bought in by other guests and we cannot always be aware of precise food contents of ingredients.

Children's Supper

We provide a child friendly supper with two courses of home cooked and nutritious food, at around 6pm for all children under 12 years. We encourage you to chat to your chalet staff before arrival with regards your children's meals so they know they are on the right track with their menu. If you have sole use of a chalet and you would prefer your children to eat a normal dinner with you at 8pm there is a £50 upgrade. For those in a shared chalet it is generally expected that under 12s would have the early supper. Please click here for a sample menu.

Picnic Lunches - Keep your Euro spending to the minimum and instead order one of our good value picnic lunches available locally from your chalet staff. A tasty filled baguette/roll, piece of fruit, can of drink and a choccie bar should keep hunger pangs at bay!