Gallery (2013-14)

Meet our fantastic resort team and enjoy a selection of their  mouth watering dishes from our menus!


A glass of Champagne please Tom
Adam & Maria, Chalet Arabella
Afternoon Cream Tea in Chalet Sport Scherl
Ange, Lizz & Mike - Gertrud Gabl
Ben & Sarah - Chalet Nadine
Breakfast Pancakes in the Cham
Caroline, Chalet Daisy
Carrot Cake in Sport Scherl
Chalet Sophie hosts Amy & Ellis
Chalet Sport Scherl
Charlie & Rich - Eagles Nest
Cheese Pastries with Carmalised Red Onion and Thyme in Sport Scherl
Chocolate Fondant made by Simon in Chalet Chiara
Cinnamon and Vanilla Pannacotta with a Chocolate Heart and Berries
Clare, Chalet Sanville with Dane (Cham asst chef)
Dijon and Parmesan Chicken breast wrapoed in bacon with creamed horseradish, sweet potato mash, fine green beans and chilli courgette ribbons
Gary's Salmon Tagliatelle with Sauce Verde in Julies Haus
Goulash with Spaetzle and mustard tossed savoy cabbage
Harry & Georgia - Chalet Loori
Helen - Chalet Karina
Host Jon in the Chamois
Individual Apple Tart Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream
Issy, Gary & Emma - Julie's Haus
Johnny - Fauner B
Johnny's Apple and Cinnamon Cake with a carved Swan! Fauner B
Jon & Lucy polishing the cutlery in the Cham
Jono (Sport Scherl) Raspberries on a Vanilla Cream Mousse Basket
Jono - Chalet Sport Scherl
Jono's Pesto and Bacon Pastry Canapes in Sport Scherl
Leah & Simon - Chalet Chiara
Lemon and Champagne Syllabub with Berries
Liz - Eaglet
Matt & Alex - Moos B
Mediterranean Salad (Speck,Rocket,Cherry Toms, Mozzarella, Pine Nuts, Olive Oil and Balsamic Reduction) in Gabl
Meditteranean Pesto Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans in Casa Rivas
Merry Christmas from Jon, Jon and Lara
Mike's Blue Cheese and Spinach Souffle in Gertrud Gable
Niki - Chalet Claire
Nikolai & Melinda - Fauner A
Raspberry and White Chocolate Terrine in Julies Haus
Ready for bed in Gertrud Gabl
Rob & Leah - Chalet Narnia
Ross, Hannah, Keira, Alex & Marco, St Anton team
Shoulder of lamb with Mediterranean cous cous & green beans
Ski-Val Executive Chef Kieron
The Cheery Cham Crew Lara, Charlie, Tom, Jon & Lucy
Theo - Chalet Karla
Tomato and Basil Bruschetta in Fauner B
White Chocolate Terrine with Raspberries