We want to know that you enjoyed  your holiday  and our staff like to be appreciated so please do let us know! Equally, if you've got some thoughts and ideas for improvements or to make things better, then let  us know that too!  Questionnaires are handed out in resort at the end of your holiday so please complete these for us.

  I thought Ryan was extremely welcoming and made fantastic meals for everyone including the children. I also thought that Tim was welcoming on the bus when arriving, and it was a very easy journey.  
Landhaus Moos B Tue 27th Dec 2016
Ollie and Amabel were great, food brill, very professional, and good fun! Fantastic stay -
Arabella Sat 14th Jan 2017
Sausages were poor, beans would be good everyday. Very good and tolerant. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Reflected the price paid.   
Nadine Sat 6th Jan 2018
  Merlin was particularly helpful with our children aged 7-10, and patient with their needs.  
Karla Sun 12th Feb 2017
Alice 1 +2 were ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT as was Tim. They offered to help in any way and were super friendly and fun. Any chance they can come home with us? TF
Belle Sun 19th Feb 2017
  Seb recommended a lovely place for dinner, booked and took care of us. Mae and Tom always lovely and very professional. Great food. Maybe a slightly different hot breakfast, Salmon, Bagel, Avocadoes  GP
Florence Sun 7th Jan 2018