We want to know that you enjoyed  your holiday  and our staff like to be appreciated so please do let us know! Equally, if you've got some thoughts and ideas for improvements or to make things better, then let  us know that too!  Questionnaires are handed out in resort at the end of your holiday so please complete these for us.

Brekan and Hannah were very friendly and helpful. They made us feel very welcome. They gave us lots of useful tips about the resort. They went to lots of effort to accommodate Sara’s diet and made her lots of yummy things to eat.NP
Hattie Sun 21st Feb 2016
  Excellent attitude from resort team. Engaging, friendly, very knowledgeable of the area and nothing too difficult in terms of problems or questions. Tim Clapham extremely knowledgeable of the resort area and extremely helpful.  JP
Amelia 12 Sun 12th Feb 2017
Theo has been excellent all round, Jo and Ollie have also excelled themselves, nothing has been too much trouble, the nicest kindest and most willing chalet hosts we’ve had the pleasure to stay with for a number of years.JW
Loori Sun 14th Feb 2016
The whole team were excellent. Cannot ask for more as the person responsible for arranging such a large group trip. Would recommend this chalet and Ski-Val to friends in the future. IH
Alpaka Lodge Sat 27th Feb 2016
Rooms were of a fairly average standanrd and could do with updating. Team were incredibly friendly and made me feel at home in Val disere.IC
Chamois d'Or Sat 27th Feb 2016
Ollie did really well to keep supplying the troops when Abbey was unwell. Can’t have been easy but the quality never suffered. LS
Gertrud Gabl Sun 10th Jan 2016