We want to know that you enjoyed  your holiday  and our staff like to be appreciated so please do let us know! Equally, if you've got some thoughts and ideas for improvements or to make things better, then let  us know that too!  Questionnaires are handed out in resort at the end of your holiday so please complete these for us.

I have loved staying in the chalet. Ian and Alex are such fantastic hosts and made our holiday!KB
Claire Sat 25th Feb 2017
Both Helen and Toby have put up with us all week really well and we’ve have an amazing time. Thanks very much for a great week .
Gertrud Gabl Sun 8th Jan 2017
Overall we had a great holiday and would book with ski val again. Saturday transfer are v busy over New Year!P
Marmotte Sat 30th Dec 2017
  Everything was great. We particularly liked Liam. He was natural, helpful, discreet and a great cook. Loved everything – great value for money!   VH
Karina Sun 8th Jan 2017
  The whole team was superb. It was a great vacation  
Amelia 12 Sun 19th Feb 2017
  Liam was polite/accommodating tried exceptional hard to please us.   
Karina Sun 12th Feb 2017