We want to know that you enjoyed  your holiday  and our staff like to be appreciated so please do let us know! Equally, if you've got some thoughts and ideas for improvements or to make things better, then let  us know that too!  Questionnaires are handed out in resort at the end of your holiday so please complete these for us.

  Polly and Max were both incredible hosts. They were so accommodating (especially with my vegetarian diet) and such good fun  KM
Eagle's Nest Sun 8th Jan 2017
  Overall excellent. Fantastic new chalet, great food and staff (Jordan, Anna, Marie)  
Amelia 12 Tue 3rd Jan 2017
Excellent management from Simon and Rick, we had a great holiday besides the accommodation. But would like to say that Simon has been very conciencous and Rick has been good too. MNSun 19th Feb 2017
Great staff, helpful and friendly. Chef was excellent and considerate of our daughters allergyMA
Chamois d'Or Sat 11th Feb 2017
Jo was first class, Jo is a legend! In all seriousness she was wonderful please thank her for us!!
Daisy Tue 27th Dec 2016
  Jonny and Lou we great very friendly, their food was really great and high quality. Tea was fab. Dinner was fab – Thank you.  RU
Chiara Sun 7th Jan 2018