The Ski-Val App is on Vamoos!

We have a fantastic new app called Vamoos. It allows you to download lots of useful information about your holiday onto an iPhone, iPad or Android before departure. It includes a countdown to the start of your holiday, interactive maps, weather forecasts, information documents and lots more. You can share this with your entire party, so they can download and access holiday information. You can also share photos with each other, creating a personalized holiday-memory-file.

To download Vamoos simply visit the App Store or Google Play Store and search Vamoos, the App is free!

When you download the Vamoos App you will be given your unique Ski-Val reference number and that’s it...... you will not only have access to all the fantastic information Ski-Val have pre-loaded for you but you will be able to add your own holiday photos (why not make a photo-diary of your trip?) take and store photos of important documents to carry with you, such as your passport, travel insurance, itinerary – just in case you lose the originals! There are so many possibilities...